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Max and Brenda

Max, a highly-trained service and balance dog, has been by Brenda's side for over five years.  So when one day he came back from playing with a knee injury, he needed to be treated quickly! We heard about Max and Brenda's story and were able to donate the implants so that Dr. Rider from Metzger Animal Hospital could perform his surgery to get him back on his feed sooner. 


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Gracie, a rescue horse, came to the New Bolton Center with a severe limb deformity from past trauma to the leg.  The surgery took place in April 2009.  DePuy Synthes Vet donated implants and Dr. Richardson of New Bolton Center donated his time to give her a second chance at life.  She now resides at “For the Love of a Horse.”


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Jack, an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, lost both back paws as a young puppy.  In December 2010, Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little, from NC State University's College of Veterinary Medicine performed the surgery to implant custom made bilateral transdermal osseointegrated prostheses, with screws donated by DePuy Synthes Vet.


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Tank, a dwarf miniature horse, weighing 70 lbs, came to New Bolton Center with a malformed right forelimb. Because of his small size and the severity of his deformity, the surgery was a difficult one. “The biggest challenge we faced for this procedure was Tank’s size. His cannon bone is about the size of my index finger,” said Dr. Getman. “Specialized medical equipment was necessary to make the cut in the bone precise enough.” The equipment was provided by DePuy Synthes Vet in West Chester. “It was extremely helpful to have the people from DePuy Synthes Vet bring the equipment to us and assist during surgery.” 


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  Tank X-rays