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DePuy Synthes Vet product portfolio contains plates, screws, biomaterials, and a wide selection of instruments.  Increasingly, new materials and technologies are being used to complement and improve current treatments in orthopaedic surgery.


Technical Information sections:

   Technique Guides - A listing of some of our technique guides, brochures, wall charts, and inventory control forms.

   Care and Handling - A guide detailing specific warnings, precautions, adverse effects, sterility and implant usage.

   Materials - Details on the stainless steel used in our products.

   Implant Guide - Information on the plates and screws available in the DePuy Synthes catalog.

   Instrument Guide - Information on some common instrumentation available in the DePuy Synthes catalog. 




Bone screws are available in three basic types: cortex, cancellous, and locking.


Cortex screws
3.5mm Cortex Screw
Used for bicortical fixation in diaphyseal bone.
Cancellous screws
4.0mm Cancellous Screw
Used for fixation in metaphyseal or epiphyseal bone. These screws have different thread designs optimized for the density of the bone.
Locking screws
3.5mm Locking Screw
Used in Locking Compression Plate (LCP) and Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Plate (TPLO) and lock into the hole in the plate via its conical threaded screw head.


The Veterinary Plate and Screw Chart specifies the specific drill bit size needed for any particular screw. It is printed towards the front of the DePuy Synthes Veterinary Catalog and also available as a laminated wall chart.


Cannulated Screws are also available. Cannulated screws have a hole through the axis of the screw, which allows a thin guide wire to be passed down the center, for precise screw placement. Cannulated screws are referenced in the DePuy Synthes Cannulated Screw, Drill and Tap Chart  and can be found in the DePuy Synthes Trauma product catalog.


Please see our online catalog for a full listing of screws.


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Bone plates are available in four basic designs:


  • Round or Oval Hole Plates
  • Dynamic Compression Plates (DCP)
  • Limited-Contact Dynamic Compression Plates (LC-DCP)
  • Locking Compression Plates (LCP)






 DCP Plate

Incorporates an incline in the hole that converts screw compression into plate translation and compression of the bone fracture



 LC-DCP Plate

Grooved undersurface

  • Provides limited contact between plate and bone, minimizing the chance for temporary osteoporosis under the plate
  • Allows for periosteal callus formation at the fracture site


Plate Hole

  • A new hole, the Dynamic Compression Unit (DCU) is symmetrical and provides self- tensioning in each direction. Additionally the underside of the hole is relieved to increase screw angulation
LCP (Locking Compression Plate)  

LCP Plate

Anatomic Reduction

  • Each screw placement utilizing wire sleeves facilitates restoration of the articular surface


Stable fixation

  • Locking screws create a fixed angle construct, providing angular stability


Preservation of Blood Supply

  • Tapered end for submuscular plate insertion, improving tissue viability
  • Limited-Contact plate design reduces plate-to-bone contact, minimizing vascular trauma


DePuy Synthes Vet also offers a number of specialty plates such as Acetabular Plates, T-Plates, etc.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of plates.

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Specialty Implant Systems

The DePuy Synthes Clamp and Rod Internal Fixation (CRIF) System is a modular implant system for veterinary use only and is composed of three components: clamps, rods, and screws. The rods can be cut to length and contoured in any plane.  There are three different sizes of rods available: mini (2.0mm diameter), small (3.0mm diameter) and medium (5.0mm diameter).  Standard screws fix the rod to bone via special clamps.  Together, these form a unique construct that provides great versatility to the surgeon. 

Click here for more information about CRIF


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DePuy Synthes instruments are designed for use across multiple systems whenever possible for reduced inventory and simplified learning. DePuy Synthes instruments carry a lifetime warranty.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of instruments. Click here for more information about DePuy Synthes Intruments.

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DePuy Synthes sets are designed to AO standards, permitting a reasonable number of basic instruments to be used for many applications and the ability to combine these standard devices with additionally available instruments and implants for special cases and applications.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of sets.

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Power Equipment

DePuy Synthes offers a wide range of power equipment for use in orthopaedic surgery. Designed to AO standards, each system utilizes the latest technology to provide the optimal combination of performance and ease-of-use. Multiple attachments for each system provide unsurpassed versatility and reliability. Powered by either nitrogen or battery.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of power equipment.

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Wires and Cables

DePuy Synthes Vet offers three basic variations of Wires and Cables: Kirschner Wires, Cerclage Wires, and Orthopaedic Cables. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be used for a broad range of indications.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of wires and cables.
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Bone Grafting Materials

DePuy Synthes Vet has a comprehensive product line of bone graft materials available. We offer three products based on different materials: chronOS, Norian, and Calceon, each with its own unique characteristics, providing the surgeon versatility in product selection. This broad product offering allows the surgeon to choose the best alternative to autograft for each indication.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of biomaterials.

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Cases and Trays

DePuy Synthes Vet has a variety of graphic cases, trays and screw racks to fit all your storage needs. These cases and racks hold a variety of different implants and instruments. They are designed to be small, lightweight, and organized in general order of use. In addition, all storage options are fully autoclavable.

Please see our online catalog for a full listing of cases and trays.
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